Development of Toscana sausage with lemon flavor and sodium reduction

Celso de Souza Cardoso, Cristiane Vanessa Quandt-Berlanda, Eder Adriano Cavali Stolberg, Naieli Mücke, Daneysa Lahis Kalschne, Rosana Aparecida da Silva-Buzanello, Cristiane Canan


The high sodium intake has been related to the increase of non- transmissible chronic diseases, especially hypertension. As in Brazil sodium consumption is still above the recommended, it is necessary to develop food products with low addition. The aim of this study was produce Tuscan sausage with lemon flavor with reduced content of sodium, evaluate the microbiological and physico-chemical quality and sensory acceptance. Three formulations were developed, one control (T1), one with 20% (T2) and one with 30% (T3) of sodium reduction, based on the partial substitution of sodium chloride by PuraQ Arome NA4. Sodium content in formulation T1 was 976 mg /100g, while the formulation T2 was 835 mg/100g and T3 761 mg/100g. The samples produced met the microbiological criteria for research of Salmonella, count of coagulase-positive Staphylococcus, sulfite-reducing Clostridium and Coliforms at 45 °C. The parameters of humidity, lipid, calcium and residual nitrite were in accordance with the legislation for all formulations, but the protein content was attended only by T3 formulation. Hedonic scale test showed no difference between the samples and all were accepted for the sensory attributes color, aroma, texture, flavor and overall acceptance. Acceptability levels were greater than 78.9%, indicating that consumers appreciate the Toscana sausage with lemon flavor, and it is possible to reduce sodium maintaining the sensory quality of the product.


PuraQ Arome NA4; embutido; condimento; aceitação sensorial.

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DOI: 10.3895/rebrapa.v7n3.3483


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