Diagnosis of hygienic-sanitary conditions in restaurants located in the municipality of Cametá-Pará

Martina Damasceno Portilho, Natácia da Silva e Silva, Elaine Lopes Figueiredo, Luiza Helena da Silva Martins


The law by the ANVISA requires GMP in food. This study aimed to apply the checklist to assess hygienic-sanitary conditions and provide lectures and support materials in restaurants located in the municipality of Cametá-PA. It is a descriptive survey in eighteen restaurants using a quality measurement instrument called a checklist. In addition to the proposal of forms to verify the impact of corrective actions. This verification instrument is part of the requirements required by RDC No. 216/2004 of ANVISA, based on the RDC No. 275, of October 2002 of ANVISA. It was found through the results obtained that all the popular restaurants studied did not satisfactorily comply with the current Brazilian legislation and were classified in groups II and III, that is, they reached a maximum of 75% compliance. Thus, through the diagnosis obtained through the application of the checklist, it is noticed that the restaurant owners have little knowledge about the implementation of GMP; consequently, in none of the evaluated restaurants, these practices are adopted. Thus, they do not comply with the country's current legislation. Corrective actions and delivery of support materials helped the owners. However, it is necessary to support the Health Surveillance, in addition to charging consumers for improvements to these establishments, since adequate sanitary hygienic conditions are an ongoing process.


Food security; Food hygiene; Good habits

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DOI: 10.3895/rbta.v14n2.12571

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