Using of flour mesocarp of babassu (Orbignya sp.) in food preparation of fresh pasta noodles type

Adeval Alexandre Cavalcante Neto, João da Paixão Soares, Cecília Teresa Muniz Pereira, Maron Stanley Silva Oliveira Gomes, Armando Ubirajara Oliveira Sabaa-Srur


The pasta is a consumed food a globally with high levels of acceptability in all social classes. As basically consisting of wheat flour is considered an energy food but low in nutrients and high glycemic index. Thus, it is vitally important that research be developed with alternative raw materials to replace partially the flour in the formulation of these products to improve their nutritional quality regarding the content of food fiber. The objective of this study was to develop technology for the production of noodles with the partial replacement of wheat flour by flour babassu mesocarp (FBM), aiming at its nutritional enrichment. Were prepared four formulations of pasta: F1: control (100% wheat flour), F2: 90% flour + 10% flour mesocarp babassu oil, F3: 85% flour + 15% flour mesocarp babassu oil, F4: 80% flour + 20% of babassu mesocarp flour. The results showed that the formulations supplemented with 10%, 15% and 20% showed higher protein content (5.36%, 5.89% and 6.31% respectively), than the control (4.16%) addition of larger amount of fibers. The formulation F3 added in 127% of this nutrient in traditional wheat pasta. It was further found that the FBM pasta supplemented with reduced loss of solids during the cooking of pasta. The pasta products prepared with FBM showed a greater nutritional potential than traditional pasta and can be used as one more nutrition alternative and income for communities who live of extraction of babassu coconut.


Macarrão; Farinha; Babaçu.

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DOI: 10.3895/rebrapa.v7n1.3518


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