Craft Beer elaboration from partial replacement of malt by honey

Mariana Oliveira, Carolina Rocha Faber, Manuel Salvador Vicente Plata-Oviedo


In recent years, two trends has excelled in the universe Brewer: getting beer from concentrated musts and the elaboration of beer using special assistants, which may or not aromatize the same, in order to obtain unique sensory attributes in products obtained. The honey of Apis mellifera, is raw material quite favorable to the alcoholic fermentation for being rich in carbohydrates, minerals and low acidity. The present study aimed to develop artisanal beer, using honey as malt and partial substituent as natural flavouring of craft beers. Four different formulations were made of beer, being a replacement for malt-free honey and three other formulations, with respectively 10%, 20% and 30% of honey. Based on the results observed it was concluded that the use of honey in the three levels of substitution allowed obtaining higher-alcohol beers (5.21, 5.76 and 5.57% v/v) in respect of conventional beer (4.86%, v/v). According to the sensory tests the drink proved with consumption potential, since the beers showed distinct features and samples containing honey were the most accepted. Considering that this type of beer is not traditionally consumed in Brazil, this work aims to broaden scientific knowledge in the area of manufacturing technology of honey beers, since the subject is of great importance to enlarge the market of this product.


artisanal Beer; Honey; Sugars; Sensory analysis; Replacement.

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v6i3.3475


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