Physical-chemical evaluation of probiotic fermented milk sold in West Region of Paraná.

Daiane Corti, Angelica Regina Gabiatti, Deisy Alessandra Drunkler, Fabiana de Oliveira Martins


Understood for fermented milk, products made by coagulation and lowering the pH of milk by lactic fermentation of crops through the action of specific microorganisms. Included among the types of fermented milks yoghurt, acidophilus milk, kefir, kumys and curds. Were collected four brands of probiotic fermented milk strawberry flavored, commercialized the west region of Paraná, in triplicate, totaling 12 samples, and those subjected to physical and chemical analyzes in order to evaluate whether they were in accordance with the parameters of the legislation, which presents only, fat, protein and acidity. The remaining analyzes were compared with the values found in the literature by other authors for fermented milks. It was observed that the samples were in disagreement with the current legislation for the titratable acidity and protein, and the sample B is also not comply in fat content. It can be concluded that the probiotic fermented milk, strawberry flavor, do not meet the standard of quality and identity recommended by legislation current.




Dairy products; functional; microorganisms; composition.

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v3i2.88


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