Action of protease from Aspergillus sojae and pancreatin in the hydrolysis of whey protein concentrate

Marialice Pinto Coelho Silvestre, Harriman Aley Morais, Mauro Ramalho Silva, Viviane Dias Medeiros Silva, Mariana Wanessa Santana de Souza


The preparation of hydrolysates from whey protein concentrate with high contents of di- and tripeptides and free amino acids, and reduced amount of large peptides, was the objective of this study. The actions of a protease from Aspergillus sojae and a pancreatin at six enzyme:substrate ratios, pH 7.0, at 50 °C for 5 h were evaluated. The size-exclusion-high performance liquid chromatography and the method of the Correct Fraction Area were used for the fractionation and quantification of peptides and free amino acids in the hydrolysates. It was observed that the type of enzyme and the enzyme: substrate ratio affected significantly the peptide profile of the hydrolysates. The chromatograms obtained by the action of two enzymes were different and varied according to the specificity or enzymatic activity. The best peptide profile was found for the hydrolysate obtained using pancreatin at an enzyme: substrate ratio of 8:100 that showed the smallest amount of large peptides (41.13%), and the greatest di- and tripeptide (6.46%) and free amino acid (8.22%) contents.



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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v3i1.69


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