Post harvest evaluation of physical-chemical parameters of mechanically damaged Tahiti acid limes

Michel Shoiti Tamura, Roselene Ferreira Oliveira, Simone Correia Molina, Edmar Clemente


From harvest to consumption, fruit and vegetables suffer a series of mechanical damages which, depending on their sensitiveness, may cause damages that put their final quality at risk. This work had as its objective evaluate the post harvest quality of mechanically damaged ‘Tahity’ acid limes. The experiment was carried out in a completely randomized design, with 3 repetitions and 7 fruits per treatment, mechanical damages were then evaluated by cutting and impacting in comparison to healthy fruits (control), and maintained for periods of 0, 3. 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 days, thus obtaining a 3 x 7 factorial experiment. Analyses were made throughout the 18 days, so as to determine the total soluble solids content (expressed in °Brix); titratable acidity (in g of citric acid. 100mL-1); ratio (relationsoluble solids and titratable acidity); vitamin C (expressed in mg of ascorbic acid 100mL-1) and pH. The results obtained showed that there was significant difference in the chemical parameters evaluated, mainly those submitted to damaging treatment.




Cutting; Impact; Conservation; Chemical parameters; Citrus latifolia

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v1i2.20


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