Ethyl butanoate from butanoic acid and ethyl alcohol esterification catalyzed by the lipase CALB

Nádia Ligianara Dewes Nyari, Alessandro Rogério Paulazzi, Raquel Vera Zamadei, Jamile Zeni, Rogério Marcos Dallago


The Candida antarctica lipase B immobilized on polyurethane catalyzed of esterification butanoic acid with ethyl alcohol in mechanical and ultrasonic system in a system solvent-free, was studied. The maximum of ethyl butanoate esterification obtained 666.40 and 585.84 U.g-1, whit 6 cycles de reuse after 180 minutes of reaction time in mechanical ultrasound system. The process was considered efficient with significant reduction of the reaction time, low instrumental requirements and improve the bioprocess performance. Until now, there were no studies available in the open literature in relation to the ester synthesis catalyzed by immobilized lipase in polyurethane as support in the ultrasound system. In addition, considered an environmentally correct and economically viable technology, it can be used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industry.


Candida antarctica B; ethyl butanoate; synthesis; catalysis; reuse

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DOI: 10.3895/rebrapa.v9n3.7057


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