Food safety and quality control in a supermarket chain in Teresina-PI

Juliana Soares Severo, Ana Letícia Pereira Andrade, Edmara Mayara Holanda Lima, Fernanda Bezerra da Cunha, Hylla Mayra Rego Oliveira, Ruana Karoliny do Rego, Jennifer Beatriz Silva Morais, Adriano Soares da Silva, Juliana Maria Libório Eulálio, Luana Mota Martins


The food market grew circumstantially in recent years and the quality of services and products is the distinguishing factor among many companies in the field of food. The Foodborne Diseases (FD) are serious public health problem, and it is in this context that it becomes important to ensure food hygiene as a priority component of food safety. The objective was to evaluate the physical and structural hygiene fridge, cold, bakery and FFV (Fresh Fruits and Vegetables) in a supermarket chain sectors Teresina-PI conditions. Selected at random ten supermarkets located in four zones of the city that were evaluated through a check-list containing questions relating to health and hygiene handler, facilities and equipment. It was found that, as to the adequacy, no area was classified as poor, with the best grades were supermarkets B, F and C, belonging to different parts of the city. The adjustments ranged from fair to good, showing a concern for the quality control in some supermarkets while, in others, leaving a little aside this issue, which is worrying, since the quality of food is the key point health of human beings.


Serviços de Alimentação; Controle de Qualidade; Doenças Transmitidas por Alimentos.

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DOI: 10.3895/rebrapa.v7n2.3649


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