Training of food handlers and evaluation of hygienic conditions in food service

Marcelo Valle Garcia, Graciela Salete Centenaro


The training of food handlers is an alternative to increase the quality of food products and their services. The objective of this work was to carry a training with food handlers of Itaqui (RS) food service and evaluate the hygienic conditions of the place. The training took place at the establishment, we used multimedia presentation and as an aid, a primer for food handlers. The content covered was based on the legislation calls. It was applied a questionnaire of knowledge on good practices, before and after the training and at the end, the participants evaluated the training through a form. The hygienic conditions were evaluated through a list from the Ordinance n°. 78/2009 of the RS and to resolve nonconformities, we used a plan of action. The level of knowledge of handlers increased after the training and the content was considered intermediate and the language used in training was considered easy by the most of handlers. The property was considered deficient (group 3) in the first application from the list and after the completion of the action plan, completion of training and structural and behavioral changes, is now classified as regular (group 2). Training and application of the list helped in increasing the adequacy of front food service with current health legislation.


Boas Práticas; higiene e legislação; treinamento

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DOI: 10.3895/rebrapa.v7n2.3640


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