Analisys of the nutritional composition and stability of phenolic compounds and anthocyanis of guabiju

Luzia Caroline Ramos Reis, Juliana Rombaldi Bernardi, Ana Carolina Pio Silva, Elizete Maria Pesamosca Facco


The objective of this study was to determine the nutrient composition and stability of phenolic compounds and anthocyanins in guabiju, stored at room temperature at 25 °C and cooled at 7°C. The fruit had an average weight of 3.41 g, 78.79 % yield in pulp and peel, pH 4.33 and acidity 0.03 %, 9.67 % of total soluble solids, 82.85 % moisture, 4.48 % of fiber, 0.63 % protein, 0.59 % ash or mineral total, 0.31 % lipids; 219.58 mg of phenolic compounds and 0.8 mg of total anthocyanins. There were 83.75 mg of phenolic compounds and 0.29 mg of anthocyanins to guabiju juice. The phenolic compounds of the juice guabiju decreased both in storage at room temperature (25 °C), and cooling. The amount of total anthocyanins guabiju juice decreased under refrigeration, as at room temperature (25 °C) increased its quantity. The fruit guabiju deserves greater attention of producers and consumers in relation to the possible benefits that provides to the body, because with the presence of antioxidants.


compostos fenólicos, composição de alimentos, Myrcianthes pungens

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DOI: 10.3895/rebrapa.v7n1.3517


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