Development of lasagna pasta with partial replacement of wheat flour by cassava flour and addition of eggplant



Wheat flour is widely used in human feeding. However, the production to supply internal demand is not sufficient in Brazil. In this context, this work aims the production and evaluation of lasagna pasta with partial replacement of wheat flour (FT) by cassava flour (FM). This way, Brazil's dependence of imported wheat can be reduced and a new and healthy food alternative can be produced from cassava. Fiber content of the product was increased adding 10% (dry basis) of eggplant flour (FB). Three fresh pasta of lasagna were developed with the following composition: M1 (control): 100% FT; M2: 60% FM; M3: 60% FM + 10% FB. Formulations M2 and M3 were characterized physical, chemical and physico-chemically. The results of fresh pasta M2 and M3 composition of showed that the product produced is rich in dietary fiber. The mean of scores assigned by the judges in sensorially evaluation of acceptance, for global impression, were classified between "liked moderately" and "liked much" for M1 and M2, and between "liked slightly" and "liked moderately" to M3.


Eggplant; Cassava Flour; Pasta; Lasagna

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DOI: 10.3895/rebrapa.v7n1.3507


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