Evaluation of the efficiency of qualitative test of chloride for investigation milk adulteration

Marcela Thaísa Carlindo Fornasari, Maike Taís Maziero Montanhini


The milk is a sensitive product for fraud, being the water addition the commom forms and is considered a economic fraud, once your composition changes. The commom substances used for fudge the water presence is the sodium chloride, characterized with restorative, in order to correct the milk density and cryoscopy. The objective of this work is evaluate the quality and sensibility of qualitative analysis of chlorides for detection water or salt. Were collected 96 milk samples of cows in different stages of lactation and the milk underwent the qualitative choride research and Somatic Cells Count analysis. The results demonstrate that chlorides evidence can’t be used for detection frauds, because observed the presence of chlorides in fresh milk for animals, in other words, which wasn’t subject for frauds.


Fraud; Density Restorative; Chloride.

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v6i2.3480


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