Consumer Characteristics of Chicken Eggs in Teresina, PI

Marcielly Batista da Silva, Joana Darc Alves da Silva Raposo, Lidiana de Siqueira Nunes Ramos


The commercial egg is the product of an efficient biological processing made by the laying hen. This bird transforms food resources of lower biological value into a product with high nutritional quality for human consumption. Lack of knowledge by the population about the nutritional properties of eggs influences the low consumption of it, as well as the judgment of this product as harmful to health. Given the above, the aim of this research is to know the consumer profile of chicken eggs in Teresina - PI. 200 people were interviewed by applying a checklist, previously prepared in September 2014. It was found that the frequency of consumption of chicken eggs, the majority of consumers (59.5%) were weekly. It was found that (26%) consume eggs three times a week. Among the most influential factors when choosing the eggs, its price (50%) was the most influential factor, followed by the shell color (28.5%). Regarding the preference of shell color, most consumers (61%) prefer the white one. We conclude that the consumer profile of chicken eggs in Teresina -PI is represented mostly by women aged 41-60 years, high school graduates, making up to 1 minimum wage, which show a high frequency of egg consumption, three times a week, and choose eggs for the price and give preference to white shell eggs.


DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v6i1.180



eggs, consumer, shell color

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v6i1.180


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