Use of Bovine Blood Powder in Bakery Products

Alci Léia Dalmônico Padilha, Toni Jefferson Lopes, Mara Gabriela Novy Quadri


The bovine blood consists in considerable source of nutrients, amongst which iron and proteins meet themselves. The objective of the present work was to consider the use of the bovine blood in the feeding human being processed it as bovine blood in dust. Two bakery products were prepared with formulations with bovine blood powder and acceptance was tested by sensory analysis with numerical hedonic scale. The sorption isotherms of humidity had indicated that the temperature doesn't possess significant effect on the isotherms, having thus made possible the attainment of an only equation for the variation of humidity of the product in the studied band. The life-of-shelf of the bovine blood in dust was esteem for different conditions film thickness (25 and 100 µm) , relative humidity (80 and 90%) and temperature (4 – 35 °C). 38 °C and 90% UR, the aluminium leaf packing were only presented adequate for the storage, with life-of-shelf of 13 months. The results how much to the acceptance of the bread and the enriched cake of chocolate with bovine blood in dust they had been excellent.. For the sample of cake, the frequency of responses regarding level of 10 hedonic scale was 92.3% for all attributes. And for the bread more than half of the responses were also allocated at level 10 scale (58.50% for appearance, 52.84 % for color, 56.60 % for the aroma, the taste for 58.50% and 84.91 % for texture).




Bovine blood, Bakery products, Drying

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v4i2.130


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