Chemical modification of pregelatinized cassava starch for application in cold cheese bread dough

Franciele Leila Giopato Viell, Francieli Cassia Gomes Barroso Simão Alves, Solange Aparecida Fávaro Tosoni, Natara Fávaro Tosoni, Gisli Cristina Pante, Manuel Salvador Vicente Plata-Oviedo


The objective of this study was to chemically modify the pregelatinized cassava starch to obtain resistant starches to the action of α-amylase present in the egg and evaluate their application in cold cheese bread dough. In this study native cassava starch was cross-linked with sodium trimetaphosphate in a concentration of 0.5% (d.b.). The cross-linked starch was oxidized with sodium hypochlorite (2.0%), hydrogen peroxide (2.0%) and combinations of hydrogen peroxide with potassium permanganate (0.1%), ferrous sulfate (0.05%) and ozone (1.0 g/h). All oxidations occurred during a period of 2 hours at room temperature. The modified starches were pregelatinized for 30 minutes at 95 ° C and spray dried. The solubility index and water absorption, content of carboxyl groups and the enzymatic susceptibility to α-amylase of the modified starches were evaluated. Cheese bread dough was prepared with pregelatinized modified starch and stored under refrigeration (8 °C) for sixteen days. The tackiness index of the dough, which represents its stability during refrigerated storage, and physical characteristics of the cheese breads were evaluated. The starches studied exhibited lower susceptibility to enzymatic hydrolysis. During refrigerated storage, doughs showed a lower rate of tackiness, good consistency and the cheese breads exhibited good appearance, however they had lower specific volume and rate of expansion. The results of the study show that the characteristics of the modified starch during the storage period, promoted better product stability.




Cassava Starch, Cross-linking, Oxidation, Cheese bread.

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v4i2.124


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