Chicken gizzards: A study of the prevalence of Salmonella spp.

Ana Paula Brizio, Ana Gabriela Anthero


Despite the large amount of giblets marketed in Brazil, there is currently limited information regarding the hygienic quality of these products. In view of this situation, this study aimed to determine the prevalence of Salmonella spp.  in chilled chicken gizzard destined for human consumption. The research was conducted in slaughterhouses under Federal Inspection Service, located in Rio Grande do Sul state, with a sampling of 48 chilled chicken gizzard samples, which were analyzed for Salmonella spp. through the traditional culture method. All samples tested were negative for the pathogen. Thus, it can be concluded that the chicken giblets analyzed showed satisfactory microbiological quality and do no risk to consumer health.




Pathogen, Chicken giblets, Microbiological quality

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v4i2.123


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