Consumer perceptions toward dietary fiber and their products

Tatiana Colombo Pimentel, Gislaine Silveira Simões


The aim of this study was to evaluate the beliefs, attitudes, and habits of consumption of dietary fiber and fiber-enriched products by consumers from the Northern region of Paraná, Brazil. In the present work, a questionnaire was applied to 100 people, which allowed observing a low consumption of these products. The attitude assessment showed that fibers are important for the adequate functioning of the body, because they are not digested by humans, allowing the control of obesity and diabetes, increasing satiety, and reducing cholesterol. In addition, consumers had knowledge of the fiber-rich foods and the need for their daily consumption. However, they were not sure if fiber intake could be related to decreasing the risk of breast cancer and that the fibers do not provide calories. In general, the attitude of consumers was positive in relation to the fibers and their products, however, it is recommended to strengthen the communication to consumer about health and functional properties of the consumption of dietary fiber.



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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v3i1.56


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