America conquers the World: A History of spread of American spices from the navigations of the sixteenth century.

Fabiano Bracht, Gisele Cristina da Conceição, Christan Fausto Moraes dos Santos


From the beginning of the fifteenth century, it is observed a phenomenon that had as one of its main features, the spread of trade, cultivation and consumption of some specific varieties of plants. Although, modern historiography has a reasonable volume of studies published about the spices of the East as well as the economic impact of these in the Renaissance, an issue still remains, that is related to the dissemination and use of some American plants which in turn have also become spices of considerable economic, cultural and gastronomical importance.




Spices, Navigations, New World, History of food.

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v2i1.42


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