Comparative study of total lipids extraction methods in vegetable and animal samples

Ailey Aparecida Coelho Tanamati, Augusto Tanamati, Jéssica Frazão Ganzaroli, Jorge Leonardo Sanchez, Marcos Vieira da Silva


In recent years several researchers have conducted studies comparing total lipids extraction methods, to find the most efficient method. The objective of this work was to study four different total lipids extraction methods in soybean crumbs and chicken thigh hillbilly with solvents of different degrees of toxicity and polarity (n-hexane, n-hexane-isopropanol, chloroform, methanol and ethanol). The study showed that the Soxhlet method, using ethanol as solvent was more efficient in the total lipids extraction present in soybean crumbs (5.38%), but not significantly different (p ≤ 0.05) for organic chicken thigh (3.35%), among the methods. The Bligh & Dyer cold method was the most efficient for the soybean crumbs.




Total lipids; Ethanol; Soybean crumbs; Organic chicken thigh

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v1i2.19


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