Sensory evaluation of sausage treated with and without grape extract

Sheila Luciana Scher, Gisele Teixeira de Souza Sora, Laura Paulino Mardigan, Cássia Inez Lourenzi Franco Rosa, Renata Herrera Barros Fuchs


The aim of this work was to carry out a sensory evaluation of sausages treated with and without grape extract. The acceptance test of the samples was conducted with a 9-point structured hedonic scale to evaluate flavor, appearance, odor and general impression. There was no significant difference between flavor and odor attributes which presented an overall score of 7.72, approaching the category of “liked very much”. Nevertheless, a significant difference was observed for appearance (sensory scores of 4.7 and 7.8) and general impression (6.16 and 7.56) of the samples with and without grape extract. These results showed that the dark color produced in the sausages after the grape extract treatment reduced the acceptance. As appearance is one of the most important attributes in food products, a major influence was caused by this attribute on the sausage general acceptance.





Sausage; Grape extract; Acceptance test; Meat product

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DOI: 10.14685/rebrapa.v1i1.10


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