Production and characterization of mixed water-soluble plant extracts

Luan Gabriel Techi Diniz, Eliane Pompeu de Jesus, Ana Camila Schmitz, Catia Tavares dos Passos Francisco, Larissa Canhadas Bertan


The use of plant-based products as a substitute for cow's milk has increased in recent years, with emphasis on plant extracts. Cashew nuts and baru nuts have excellent nutritional characteristics for the production of water-soluble plant extracts. Thus, this study aimed to produce and characterize mixed water-soluble plant extracts based on cashew nuts and baru nuts. Preliminary tests were carried out to determine the best nut to water ratio, and the type and concentration of gum to be used in the formulation. Nut: water ratios of 1:6 and 1:8 (w/w) were selected for the production of water-soluble extracts of baru nuts (EBN) and cashew nuts (ECN), respectively. Subsequently, tests were performed with the gums, and xanthan gum at 0.25% was selected for both extracts. From the results of preliminary tests, three mixed extracts were prepared in the following proportions: 60% EBN + 40% ECN; 50% EBN + 50% ECN; and 40% EBN + 60% ECN. No significant difference was observed between the three mixed extracts for protein, lipid, and ash contents, with a significant difference for moisture and carbohydrates contents.


plant extracts; allergy; nuts; plant-based

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DOI: 10.3895/rebrapa.v11n3.14884


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