Spent brewer's yeast as an ingredient on the elaboration of cookies

Géssica Tessaro, Ana Paula Biz, Elisandra Rigo, Angélica Patrícia Bertolo, Lucíola Bagatini, Darlene Cavalheiro


Several studies have been conducted to find ways to use the spent yeast from brewery due to their high nutritional content (e.g., proteins, vitamins and minerals). Therefore, this study aimed to characterize the spent yeast from brewery and add it to cookies as an ingredient to valorize the waste from beer production. Spent yeast in its natural and autolysed form were characterized by physical-chemical analysis. Subsequently, formulations of cookies were developed with autolysed biomass (10% and 20%). These cookies were under physical-chemical and microbiological analysis. Finally, the cookies were submitted to the evaluation of acceptability as well. Brewer’s yeast is a potential source of protein, resulting in cookies with less carbohydrate content. The cookies without biomass has better acceptability, therefore, it is necessary to improve the formulations with spent yeast. However, it was noticed that brewer’s yeast has potential for its application in food and, its use as an ingredient on food formulations can be a way to valorize the residue from beer production.


spent yeast; brewery; cookies; sensorial analysis

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DOI: 10.3895/rebrapa.v11n1.12331


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