“Dancing with apocalypse”: The impacts of climate change on livelihood of Tuvalu - Polynesia / “Dançando com o apocalypse”: Os impactos das mudanças climáticas para subsistência em Tuvalu - Polinésia

Meredian Alam


For community living in Least Developing Countries (LDC) climate change has imposed recent pressure on the locals. The impact it causes is also exacerbated by the inadequate infrastructure and regional policy in those countries. With the focus of interest in the case of Tuvalu, one of LDCs located in Western Oceania which clearly encounters rapid destruction due to climatic events, this paper presents the natural changes and living conditions of Tuvaluan inhabitants. Those calamities are caused predominantly by sea-level rise, warmer temperatures, unprecedented cyclones and contaminated water. Benchmarked with other small islands stretching across the Pacific Ocean, the finding demonstrates that Tuvalu has ignoredinternational concerns due to its critical situations that are causedby the government and local community members.  


Climate Change; Least Developing Countries; Sea level rise; Warmer Temperature; Cyclones; Water Contamination; Tuvalu.

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DOI: 10.3895/rbpd.v6n1.5172


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