Sustainability of rain water supply technologies: a methodology applied to Belém county islands

Adriana Dias da Silva, Ronaldo Lopes Rodrigues Mendes, Leonardo Augusto Lobato Bello, Andre Luis Assunção Farias


In the Grande and Murutucu islands, county of Belém, Pará state, lack of drinking water is the major challenge to improve the quality of life of river bank inhabitants, because they use the rivers as main source for water consumption without any treatment. This was a key fact for caring out studies that lead to the deployment and implementation in 2011, of two Rain Water Utilization Systems (RWUS), one in each island previously mentioned. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the sustainability of these supply technologies, adapting the Barometer of Sustainability tool, through the definition of 5 dimensions and their respective topics and indicators, allowing to identify that the RWUS


Água potável; Chuva; Aproveitamento; Barômetro da Sustentabilidade; Ilhas

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DOI: 10.3895/rts.v14n34.7839


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