The impact of the Brazilian financial crisis on the food industry

Carla Cristiane Sokulski, Gustavo Tadra Waldmann, Thales Miquéias dos Santos, Moisés Barbosa Junior, Eliane Pinheiro


This paper attempts to identify the impact of the 2015 economic crisis on the economic and financial scenario of the Brazilian food industry between 2012-2016. For this, a descriptive study with a quantitative approach was carried out in 15 food industry companies listed on BM&FBovespa. The analysis was based on the financial economic indicators of liquidity, profitability, indebtedness and economic activity. The data for the study were collected from the database of the BMF&Bovespa website considering the years from 2012 to 2016, also data tabulation and charting were done in Microsoft Office Excel 2010, using the average of the indicators for each year. Interestingly, the results showed a crisis in the sector and it can be measured its effects on the billing, total assets, net profits of the companies beyond their ability to honor their debts, among others. It was verified that the worst moment of the crisis of the sector was in 2015 and that the Brazilian food industry is already recovering from 2016. Thus, it can be inferred that the economic-financial indicators of the Brazilian food industry presented significant variations in the period of the Brazilian economic crisis of 2015.


Financial Crisis; Food Industry; Economic-Financial Indicators.

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DOI: 10.3895/gi.v15n3.9982

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