A survey on Performance Measurement in Social Economy Organizations applying the METHODI ORDINATIO approach

Leomara Battisti Telles, Luciano Medina Macedo, Juliana Vitória Messias Bittencourt, Carmen Marcuello


The fundamental aim of a social organization is to promote social impact in the communities where they are located, with the focus on social, environmental or community questions; therefore, measuring their performance is imperative to the continuity of its operations. The performance measurement in social organizations involves several aspects (as production, outcomes, etc.) and dimensions (as environmental preservation, social change, economic sustainability, etc.) to assess their social goals, reached through their organizational activities. With the purpose of building the state of the art on the performance measurement in social economy organizations, this survey used the methodology Methodi Ordinatio, a new methodology that assists in the identification and classification of relevant papers around any theme. In order to identify and to classify the scientific production surrounding this theme, three bibliographic databases were researched, including works from 2006 to 2015. This survey ensures the applicability of Methodi Ordinatio approach in the identification and classification of relevant studies around relevant scientific themes. It allows identifying some gaps near the current state of the art on the theme, as the lack of instruments, methods, frameworks, and models able to consider qualitative elements of performance measurement on social economy organizations, and the lack studies on the theme in developing countries. Additionally, also was pointed a growing interest in the theme with an increase in the publication number on the last six years of the period analyzed. Moreover, the analysis of social network confirmed a slight international collaboration and low connectivity among the authors listed in the portfolio, with only 28.31% of the possible relationships.


Performance Measurement; Social Organizations; Social Economy; Bibliometric Analysis; Methodi Ordinatio.

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