Açai pulp waste reverse channels modelling under the system dynamics perspective

Denilson Nunes, Lana Nascimento, Iury Alvim, André Melo, Léony Negrão, Leonardo Bastos


The goal of this paper was analyze the different agents, interactions and loops in the reverse channels of açai pulp production waste under the perspective of system dynamics modelling. For this purpose was performed a Bibliographic and field research for data collection regarding reverse channels, and system dynamics methodology of soft modelling to build a causal loop diagram. The methods were applied in the city of Castanhal-PA, North of Brazil. As a result, was found that demand to the large producer of pulp increases the generation of waste, since more of it is added to the pasteurization process. Furthermore, legislation is an important agent since it can reduce the number of large and small producers, although it also diminishes the inadequate waste disposal. Our study provided information on the agents that influence the waste production and the directions of this loop. With reliable data, simulations can be performed to observe the impacts of those links. Hence, it can support the identification of the capacity and limitation of this complex system it became a novel application of system dynamics to understand and comprehend the complex system of reverse channels of the açai pulp production.


Açai pulp production; Reverse channels; System dynamics; Solid waste

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DOI: 10.3895/gi.v16n3.11528

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