Self-compacting mortar of high performance for grouting

Wellington Mazer, Leidimara Aparecida Martins


This paper aims to present a study of a self-compacting mortar with high early and final strength for the repair of concrete structures. The focus on this research was to obtain a highly durable material for repairing concrete structures primarily for conventional and high-performance concrete. The experimental analysis included the study of the following fresh properties: consistency with fluid capacity for self-compaction, the ability to fill up the empty spaces, and the ability to go through obstacles without segregate and exude. In the hardened state the following properties were also assessed: compressive strength, tensile strength in bending, modulus of elasticity, dimensional change, tensile bond strength, and shear strength by axial compression. The results indicate that the mortar had developed high compressive and tensile strength in bending, which is close to 140 MPa and 22 MPa, respectively. The modulus reached 48 GPa, which exceeded the predicted values at the beginning of the study, with the structure of material demonstrating very low porosity and no segregation in fresh. The performance found in the developed material in this study can be considered a major breakthrough in materials technology base of Portland cement

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