Production chain of artisanal sugar cane spirit in Paraná State: A Porter taxonomy application / Cadeia produtiva de aguardente artesanal no litoral do Paraná: Uma aplicação da taxonomia de Porter

Adilson Anacleto, Myllena Emilia Rodrigues da Silva, Anderson Chimanski Florentino Moura, Dyogo Nathan Minuzzi Shwaiki, Agatha Melani Cristina Ramos, Michelle Picon Petry Maciel, Samantha Cella da Silva, Thais Brudeck


The spirit produced in Paraná Coast has relevant recognition in the world scenario since the period of the Portuguese colony. Although it is important, information on this productive chain is little or scarce. In this context and in order to promote the analysis of the production and the trade of this beverage on the Porter taxonomy approach, it was carried out between August and November 2016, a descriptive exploratory study with six managers of alembic places. It was observed that the production of artisanal sugar cane spirit is characterized by the use of its own raw material and a system of spirit production that aims the production of nobler drinks in order to facilitate market insertion. The strategies adopted by the companies and that generated competitive advantage over their competitors, were the quality of the drink and the marketing system, directly to the consumer. The main implications of the activity are the excessive demands of the supervisory institutions and the high taxation practiced by the government. The perspectives of sector on entrepreneurs' view is that the segment has a favorable growth trend, due to the enduring competitive advantages that these industries have in relation to the current market, and by the perspective of growing the artisanal beverage in the Brazilian and world market. Regarding the Porter taxonomy, the predominant strategies among managers were leadership in total cost (n = 50%) and focus (n = 35%).


Strategy;Mmanagement; Agribusiness

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DOI: 10.3895/rbpd.v6n2.5684


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