Brief considerations on the conflict between public environmental protection and economic development policies and their consequences for energy expansion in Brazil

Ana Paula Myszczuk, Andrea de Souza


The present paper aims to make brief considerations on the planning of the energy infrastructure, Brazilian economic development and the environment. This analysis will be conducted based on the conflicting public policies for economic development and environmental protection. This conflict brings difficult to plan the expansion of the Brazilian energy sector efficiently, reduces the competitive capacity of the country and does not provide adequate environmental protection. The most serious problem concerning the clash between economic development and environmental protection is deciding, while striving for maximum efficiency, which would cause more harm to society and should be avoided. In the Brazilian legal system between economic development and environmental protection, the Brazilian state will always come down on the side of the environment.  Considering the proposed goals, the study will involve the consultation of documents and the literature in addition to exploratory research.



Sustainability - Economic development – Public Policies

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DOI: 10.3895/rbpd.v5n2.4484


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