Portales empresariales para co-creación en el ámbito latinoamericano: claves para su estructuración

Ana Isabel Giraldo Muñoz, Liliana González Palacio, Carolina Duque Salazar


In Latin American countries, there are organizations that can make significant differences in a market with continuous technological advances and where the consumer is increasingly demanding with their needs. This is done through a new form of innovation called co-creation, whose base is the interaction with customers. Companies like Eyeka has portals where they facilitate the exchange of ideas in accordance with a set of challenges launched. It is intended that these contributions becomes future products and services. The management of these activities for creating value is complicated. Sometimes users try to ridicule the brand or express their dissatisfaction through these spaces that open businesses. This article presents a set of key to the design of a co-creation portal business, where the exchange of thought between the organization and customers are provided factors established. This is achieved through the systematic review of co-creation business portals and scientific articles dealing. It aims to provide the best practices that allow them to switch to the new paradigms of innovation incurring less risk companies.

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DOI: 10.3895/rbpd.v3n2.3583


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