Wage disparities of the formal and informal work in the creative industry of Brazil and the differences between brazilian regions

Sara Marinho Rodriguês, Frederick Fagundes Alves, Mauro Thury de Vieira Sá


Creative Economy and Creative Industry are relatively new concepts that have stood out in recent decades among public policymakers who sought an alternative to promote the growth and competitiveness of their economies. Considering the importance that this economy has assumed in recent years, the research sought to analyze the incomes of the creative industry compared to the incomes of traditional industries and which regions of Brazil offer the best wages. For this, we estimated a regression based on the Mincerian income equation with the traditional variables of the equation, such as education and experience, as well as variables about the creative industry and binary variables of region, male and female, and race. We found that workers in the Creative Industry tend to have a higher wage than workers in the economy in general. While the South, Midwest, and Southeast regions of Brazil offer the best wages.


Creative cities; Creative Economy; Salary differences; Brazilian regions

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DOI: 10.3895/rbpd.v13n1.17408


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