Determination of key references on product development using discarded materials

Felipe Augusto Zanin Contador, Osiris Canciglieri Junior


The acceleration of the goods consumption and the instantaneous food and products massive waste will exhaust the capacity of landfill of the planet in a few years. In order to avoid this catastrophe, actions in terms of materials reuse, reverse logistics, reverse engineering and development of remanufactured products become imperative. In this context, the focus of this research is the identification of the leading researches and authors, their contribution and limitations regarding the development of sustainable products built/manufactured from the reuse of discarded materials (waste) using a systematic literature review allied with critical content analysis. The systematic review started with the determination of the research questions and the keywords and criteria used in the scientific databases searching for articles. The first result of the scientific databases surveys resulted in 11.762 articles. They were submitted to careful analyses and inclusion/exclusion criteria, and at the end of the systematic literature review 13 articles were considered the most relevant to the proposed research theme. A regression analysis of the systematic literature result corroborated the findings. The 13 articles were analysed in their entirety and investigated concerning the proposed approaches, their scientific contributions and limitations as well as the analysis for identifying the authors most frequently cited in these articles. The research resulted in a comprehensive panorama of the scientific works published in the last decade regarding the research theme. The identification of the most recent and relevant researches and milestones authors contributed to widening the understanding of the concepts, approaches, technologies and methodologies as well as their applications and limitations in solving the issues of product development process using discarded materials.


Keywords: Product Design; Sustainable; Waste Disposal, Reuse;


Product Design; Sustainable; Waste Disposal; Reuse;

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DOI: 10.3895/rbpd.v10n1.12037


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