Reflections on the productive chain of sustainability: oriented product

Luciane Cristina Ribeiro dos Santos, Osiris Canciglieri Junior, Carlos Alberto Cioce Sampaio


The study aimed to identify the relevant researches that address the production chain theme with a focus on sustainability-oriented products. To achieve the proposed objective, a bibliometric research with content analysis was carried out. The research considered the following themes: supply chain management, production chain and sustainable product. The search platform used for data collection was the Brazilian CAPES database, which resulted in 2,052 articles. Based on data inclusion and exclusion criteria, 30 articles were selected as the most important to perform the content analysis. It became clear that the management of the production chain and its sustainable operations constitute a challenge for companies that seek and develop their inter-organizational skills and for all the actors involved in the chain. In general, the study points out that the challenges faced by management professionals are still associated with the incorporation of sustainability into their manufacturing processes. On the other hand, literature is rich in management learning associated with sustainability. Thus, the result of this study is relevant, as it is associated with the conceptual systematization that presupposes management guidelines for the product's productive chain that incorporates sustainability. Such learning can be able to serve as parameters for the promotion of sustainable development.


Gestão; Cadeia produtiva; Produto orientado à sustentabilidade

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DOI: 10.3895/rbpd.v9n2.11931


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