Stocking rates of pastures in Goias state, Brazil

Guilherme Resende Oliveira, Alcido Elenor Wander


Goias state has the third largest cattle stocks among the Brazilian states, with 22.8 million heads, and the second largest herd of lactating cows. These animals are kept under grazing on pastures, which occupy 41% (14 Mha) of whole Goias state’ territory. This study analyses the stocking rates of the pastures of Goias, identifying their current state of degradation and production potential. Therefore, data on cattle herd, stratified by age and sex, besides the pasture mapping obtained by satellite images was used. Therefore, the results provide more accurate estimates than before on the pasture situation and, consequently, of the cattle ranching in the state, allowing greater potential for increased productivity. The stocking rates of pastures is 1.3 animal unity / hectare, which could be considered low in terms of potentials, due to the poor use of production and management technology. Despite of having the highest concentration of feedlots in Brazil, Goias state keep cattle mainly on pastures.


bovine herd; support capacity; pastures; spatial analysis

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DOI: 10.3895/rbpd.v10n2.11372


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