Wearable Device for EMG and EOG acquisition

Felipe Garcia, José Jair Alves Mendes Junior, Melissa La Banca Freitas, Sergio Luiz Stevan Jr.


This article presents a wearable device capable of acquiring both facial EMG and EOG biopotentials. The circuit developed has amplification and filtering stages that eliminate higher frequency noises and low frequency biopotentials to use a band of frequency for acquisition of contractions from Frontalis muscle above the eyebrow and ocular movements on the vertical and horizontal axis. The output signal has an adjustment of gain and an offset that permits the application in embedded systems and digitally processing to eliminate 60 Hz noises. The wearable device is a mask with five electrodes allocated to make the acquisitions according to the positioning. The circuit is capable of acquiring both facial EMG and EOG simultaneously, but in this article they were acquired individually. Improvements in the whole system are being made and other ocular movements, like eye focus and involuntary movements for example, may be acquired in future works involving this system.


Biopotentials; Signal Processing; Bioengineering.

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DOI: 10.3895/jaic.v6n1.8676


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