PID-Fuzzy control design for a nonlinear inverted pendulum

Adriano Kossoski, Fernanda Cristina Correa, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, José Manoel Balthazar


This study aims to present a PI-Fuzzy and PID-Fuzzy design to control the position while maintaining the balance of an inverted pendulumsystem. This type of system is well known for its challenge in carrying out the control and its similarities and applications in other systems, such as transport vehicles and robots. Thus, being a famous and important system to be used as a control benchmark. Nonlinear dynamic equations for the inverted pendulum where obtained through the Lagrange formulation. An adaptive PI-Fuzzy and PID-Fuzzy controller was designed and implemented on the nonlinear model. The final results demonstrate a great increase in performance, both on displacement and dynamics balance, when compared to the classic PI and PID controllers, especially when in the presence of parametric changes in the system


control design; fuzzy control; fuzzy logic

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DOI: 10.3895/jaic.v9n1.13589


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