Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The evolution of science has a foundation in the dissemination of scientific research through conference proceedings and journals area. These, due to the more detailed information, gain in importance and are focus groups and research centers and graduate students worldwide, since many times these groups are skilled through the number of articles published in journals and how often their research has been referenced by the public researcher.
When dealing with electronic engineering, nationally we have few magazines expression. In particular, the area of instrumentation presents lacking, being present in all subareas of this engineering but gaining presence always tangent to the main focus, whether automation, power electronics, telecommunications, among others.
In particular, the instrumentation and its many roots can be treated as the main focus, considering the evolving industrial, electronic instrumentation itself (metrology), or the need for development of new devices (sensors and transducers) and systems (industrial networks, virtual systems, artificial intelligence) make a science instrumentation as the main focus and treated this way in a journal.
Internationally some magazines treat the specific instrumentation. Nationally, few include instrumentation in scope, including magazines automation and control, and physical address tangentially instrumentation. Considering this scenario, we propose in 2013/OCT a periodical focused solely on instrumentation and control.

In 2017, seeking a more internationalization of the journal, and better aligning the focus of the magazine, we changed the title to JOURNAL OF APPLIED INTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL.


This journal is designed  to: "Publish research results in the form of original articles or reviews, provided they are of interest and are the focus of the journal. Aims to disseminate relevant work to different subjects of instrumentation, both researchers national, and by foreigners. "


Original papers are accepted, which reflect the practical application of Control Instrumentation in the different applications. Comprehensive and application-focused reviews are also the subject of this journal.


The publications of this journal are FREE of charge, and no amount is charged for the revisions and/or final publication.


Section Policies

Papers in English

In this section, the submited papers must be wroten in English

  • Sergio Stevan Jr
Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Papers in Portuguese

In this section, the submited papers must be wroten in Portuguese.
Neta secção, os artigos devem ser submetidos em português.

  • Sergio Stevan Jr
Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Themes accepted:

- Fundamentals of instrumentation/control components

- Transducer principles, measurement techniques

- Metrology, measurement theory

- Signal processing techniques for measurement

- Sensors and transducers: concepts, modelling, simulations and sources

- Sensor-actuator systems

- Industrial networks, communication protocols

- Signal conditioning, data acquisition systems, telemetry

- Biomedical instrumentation

- Remote engineering and virtual instrumentation

- Recent developments and advances in automation/control/robotic technology

- Artificial Intelligence

- Automotive Sensors, control, instrumentaion and networks

- Optical Sensors and Optical Instrumentation





The Journal of  Applied Instrumentation and Control with 2 annual numbers: one with papers in English and one with papers in Portuguese.

However, we have a continuous flow of editing and publishing, that is, because editions only close at the end of the year, being fed continuously.



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