Strategies and instruments for the dissemination and promotion of open government data use in Brazil: case study of Rio de Janeiro city hall

Ricardo Matheus, Manuella Maia Ribeiro, José Carlos Vaz


Governments have been encouraged the use of open government data (OGD) by society for diverse situations. This article aims to identify strategies to guarantee the management of OGD cycle of use and dissemination of open data. The methodology is based on a single case study of Rio de Janeiro City Hall and covers the period between 2013 to 2016.  In addition to a literature review of OGD, Rio de Janeiro OGD portals were analyzed using the 15 Principles of Open Data and 5-Star Open Data. An analysis of OGD public policy was also conducted, including the legislation and the strategies of OGD usage promotion in Rio. The main results were the identification of four strategy categories that set the OGD public policy (hackathons; prizes and awards; partnerships; and, data journalism). The potential for stimulating the use of open data was analyzed, although its sustainability faces various challenges such as administrative discontinuity and the patterns of use by society.


Dados governamentais abertos; Transparência; Disseminação de dados públicos; Inovação; Big and open linked data analysis (BOLD).

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DOI: 10.3895/rts.v14n33.6866


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