Mobile app development for bus monitoring in Macaé-RJ

Marcelli Pereira, Clovis Lemos Tavares, Matheus Libório, Sandro Laudares, Marianna Petrovna Ekel, Renato de Oliveira Marques


Transport is an essential element for urban population activities. The lack of arrival times, itineraries or bus stop information is a significantly recurrent situation in Brazilian cities. Thus, independently of city size, the lack of information stickles mobility and increases locomotion time. This research aims to present a prototype development which monitors Brazilian public transport bus services. This prototype, unlike other known applications, informs which buses are equipped with accessibility facilities, capable of attending limited mobility users. Besides that, the bus monitoring application may be accessed by mobile devices. For that purpose, a survey based on existing application and case use was made detailing the most known bus monitoring mobile application. The mobile application was prototyped using global position system, providing real time geographic information of Macaé city mass transit system. Therefore, buses position information is presented, furnishing benefits for users, especially for whom physical movements are restricted.


Geotecnologias; Geoprocessamento; Geografia Urbana

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DOI: 10.3895/rts.v14n33.6710


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