Method proposal for the management of geographic information in water and sewer companies

Thomas Ribeiro de Aquino Ficarelli, Helena Ribeiro


Geographic information has been used in water and sewage companies and currently has worldwide application, in rich and poor countries, from basic actions such as georeferencing points of interest to cross-referencing complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Spatial Data Infrastructures systems together with other public services. But has the creation, use and management of this information been carried out successfully harnessed? Considering the constant changes occurred in Information Technology, in the demography of urban areas, in water and sewage systems and in corporate management, we propose a method for implementing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for water and sewage services in metropolitan areas. Based on two models, it is possible to elaborate requirements related to the use and management of GIS and guide actions and decisions for their development, considering the organizational management of companies and the regional context in which they operate.


Geographic Information Science ; GIS Management ; Water Utilities ; Water Governance

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DOI: 10.3895/rts.v17n49.13048


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