Publishers: Maclovia Silva (UTFPR), Marilene Zazula Beatriz (UTFPR), Milena Pavan Serafin (UNICAMP), Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio (PUC Campinas)


The reception of articles for the special edition will take place from 11/01/2022 to 02/15/2023. The evaluation and result will take place until May 12, 2023, for editing and publication in the third quarter of 2023 (Jul/Sep).


Articles’ on-line submission is on the website of Technology and Society Journal - thematic section-

https://periodicos.utfpr.edu.br/rts/about/submissions#onlineSubmissions. The text and formatting of the article must comply with the Guidelines for Authors (standards) of the journal.


Thematic focus of the articles:

The University plays an important role in the production of Science and Technology (S&T), and among its missions is to build ways to articulate S&T with the actors and actresses of society. In this follow-up, the activities of the scientific community of teaching, research and extension are means to establish these links. The realization of teaching practices involves extension actions, always inseparable from research, which makes it possible for the university to open up to the dialogic process with the communities, their demands and knowledge. With the dialogue among different audiences to respond to institutional, social, political, cultural, economic and environmental dynamics, it is possible to jointly elaborate enterprises, projects and S&T works oriented to local developments, and  to studies of the technical and scientific implications of arrangements . In this way, popular knowledge and technologies can be valued, in addition to those that can take advantage of hegemonic technoscience to transform the ways of producing, consuming and distributing goods.

Therefore, we invite the interested community to participate in this special edition, which aims to bring together works that address the dialogic relations between academia and society, considering teaching, research, extension and scientific dissemination activities. The Technology and Society Journal (ISSN: 1984-3526) has the mission of contributing to the understanding of the multiple and complex relationships between technology and society, through the dissemination of research and theoretical analysis, which can enrich dialogues and debates aimed at promoting sustainability, equity, justice, citizenship and rights.


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