Gender representation and journalistic speech: Amal’s case

Mariana Kehl


A reflection on the representation of women in the journalistic speech is an imperative practice in any context favorable to questions about gender ideology. Such a discussion has been on the agenda of the demands of the feminist movement since the 1960s - when it was already possible to identify the influence of the media as a promoter of representations that established and assigned attributes to a certain gender or defined its “performativity”. The present article proposes to analyze an alleged good journalistic practice employing the “Amal’s Case”, composed of a main article and three other publications. For this purpose, the analysis will be guided by a list of indicators established and adapted from the “Practical Guide to Communication with a Gender Perspective”, published by the Institute of Women of the Government of Spain and will be theoretically and methodologically based on the analysis of the speech proposed by Norman Fairclough and his critical three-dimensional model.


gender; representation; performance; journalism; speech analysis;

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DOI: 10.3895/cgt.v14n44.13024


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