On the Applicability of Behavior Driven Development for Automotive Software Testing at the Functional Model Level

José Henrique Roquette, Simone Nasser Matos, Max Mauro Dias Santos


Model-based design [MDB] is a well know and with high level of maturity methodology for develop and testing of automotive embedded systems. For the tools and technlogies available, it enables to build funcitionalities with high quality in which the tests need to be done to verify whether requirements are attended in all stages since functional model to code stage. As know as, we have a big dilema in how to define the case tests in the first stage of MBD so that can be deploy in the following stages. In addition to, the testing method shall be automated in order to provide a testing coverage and consequently a high quality of the software developed. Therefore, we present the applicability of behavior driven development for automotive software testing at the functional model level in MBD. Furthermore, we demonstrate the efficiency o four method over a small case study of power window system which enables to be deployed in other automotive functionalities to be controlled.


Automotive; software; testing

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DOI: 10.3895/jaic.v10n1.13402


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